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First sweep or vacuum your hardwood floor. (If you plan to vacuum your floor make sure your vacuum attachment is safe for hardwood)
Make sure your cleaner is made specifically for hardwood floors. It should say so on the front of the bottle.
After sweeping or vacuuming your hardwood spray some cleaner onto the appropriate applicator and apply it to the floor.
While cleaning check the terry cloth/micro fibre cover's underside for dirt buildup every so often. If terry cloth/microfibre cover is dirty, remove and replace with a clean cover.
Stock up on extra terry cloth/micro fibre covers when cleaning larger areas of hardwood. Using dirty terry cloth/micro-fibre covers only spreads the dirt around creating steaks on the floor.
Terry cloth/micro-fibre cloths are machine washable and therefore reuseable.
Do not use these covers other than for cleaning your hardwood floors.
To prevent scratches to the surface of your hardwood floor apply felt pads to the under side of all furniture
For heavier furniture, use felt pad protected castor cups to help spread the weight and prevent dent marks on the hardwood.
Periodically inspect under your furniture for worn or loose felt pad protectors and replace as soon as possible.
Do not walk with high heeled shoes on hardwood
Lift any furniture that is to be moved onto or away from your hardwood floors
Do not wet mop your hardwood floor. Excess humidity directly applied to your floor may permanently damage it.
Do not use water or vinegar to clean your hardwood floors. Do not use furniture policy or wax on polyurethane hardwood floors.
Do not use any detergents that are not made specifically for hardwood floors.