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2012-07-18 02:57:24

What do I do to remove scratches in my wood floor?

The exact course of action will depend on the type of wood floor, type of finish, and depth of scratches in the top layer. If the scratches are minor, only in the surface of the urethane finish, purchase a touch up kit from the location where the original flooring was purchased. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended finish products to keep the warranty in good standing. Test the product in a small area hidden by furniture to ensure it will work correctly. If the scratches are deep, it is best to have a professional come in to do a re-sand and re-coat. In this process, special equipment is used to sand the surface of the floor which allows the new coat of urethane protectant to adhere to the surface of the wood. Certain wood floor types are easier to repair by replacing the damaged boards. For best results, leave the repair and replacement of damaged floors or re-sanding and re-coating to a professional.

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